Blossom is our popular series of turned wooden candlesticks in 3 models and in a variety of colours.
The models, Lily, Tulip and Rose, are different in size and shape, but group to form a family. They can also be combined with other candlesticks.
There is a multitude of colours ranging from pastels to bright colours. Alternatives are untreated oak, oiled oak or stained oak. Designed by Anders Nørgaard.

Upcycling Blossom - Here's how it works:

Visit Applicata's webshop and order your new Blossom candlesticks.

Print out your order and send it to Applicata along with the Blossom candlesticks you wish to return.

Applicata will send the new candlesticks as soon as the old ones have been received.

A discount of DKK 150 per candlestick will be deducted when the new candlesticks are shipped.

Remember, the offer only applies one-for-one, and is valid from 1st to 30th April 2021.

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