A special gift for a special occasion

applicata’s entire collection is based on the idea of creating "A SPECIAL GIFT FOR A SPECIAL OCCASION"  To that end, we have allied ourselves with exciting design talents and artists.
We have brought exclusive and genuine materials into play – and ensured that everything is produced in Scandinavia. Even our Eco friendly giftboxes.


Strong design collaborations

Our design DNA is distinctive by taking the vibrant energy, aesthetics and wildness found among new and rising design talents and artists and coupling it with traditional artisanship, ensuring that everything is produced at family-owned, Scandinavian workshops. That is how our new collection came into being. And this approach will be an existing springboard for future design collaborations.
The collaboration between applicata and Amanda Lilholt has been carefully planned. Amanda Lilholt has an uncompromising aesthetic sense, a craftmanship approach and attitude towards materials. Amanda Lilholt is therefore the perfect match for applicata. The artist Pernille snedker has brought the artistic nerve into our Collection by designing our packaging and box collection A TRIBUTE TO WOOD.

Exclusive and authentic materials

The collection embraces materials such as solid wood, solid brass, coloured glass and paper.  In our choice of materials for the collection, it was important for us to bride the gab between the various materials now in use. Each object is beautiful on its own, but will also complement each other. Ideally, we want our designs to age gracefully, ACQUIRING A PATINA that accentuates their authenticity and gives them genuine lasting power. We have a specific intention of producing designs for longevity and create joy that spans generations. 
The conscious choice of solid materials as well as the handheld, local production method ensure minimal waste as well as reduced transport and processing of the raw materials. Thus, most sub-elements can be disassembled and used as renewable materials afterwards. 

Local production

We have decided that all applicata items should be produced locally. Reflecting this, everything we make is manufactured at family-owned workshops in Scandinavia - mainly in Denmark.
Our wooden products are produced in Denmark and Sweden and the brass products in Denmark. Even our package is produced in Denmark. The Mouth-blown glass is produced in the southern part of Sweden. 
In general, all of applicata's wood and paper products are FSC®-certified (FSC-C132484). Look for our FSC®-cetified products.

An upgrade in packaging

As we decided to focus on accessories for "that special occasion" we also decided to upgrade our packaging, so that the customer will not only want to keep the product itself, but the box it came in too.
THE TRIBUTE TO WOOD box collection is made for applicata as a product box for all our new designs and a selected part of existing products. You can use the box for storage and home decoration afterwards. The boxes are also available as part of the applicata collection.

At the end of the day…

For applicata, this is not about developing a single circular product or a single sustainable collection.
This is a fundamental approach to business, where decisions in the product development process and curation of proper collaborations are part of the brand's DNA.

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