Rikke Skytte

A Tribute to Colour is a new collection of serving trays and reversible tapas boards that beautifully portray their carefully selected colours.

As a celebration of colours and how they interact, designer and behavioural scientist Rikke Skytte has fused academical insights with aesthetic play – creating an artistic and functional range that embraces nature and zooms in on its impressive colour palette.

It`s a tribute to slowing down and enjoying nature´s colour pigments in wonders like: Minerals, sand, biodiversity and the tones of clay when you see them up close.


Studio UnnaTrä has designed the sculptural vases in SHAPE Collection

Studio UnnaTrä aims to bring joyful design to living spaces using natural materials.

"Trä" means tree in Swedish. "UNNA" comes from the Swedish words "unna sig," which means "enjoy it" and "you deserve it."

The SHAPE vase collection enables people to be creative and enjoy the interplay between object shapes, natural wood, and plants. 

This design invites people to open up their senses by simply interacting with the materials and shaping their desired imaginations.

Amanda Lilholt

Amanda Lilholt has designed the Circle Collection for applicata. 

“It was important to me that the Circle Collection was created in collaboration with a brand that takes local production, attention to detail and sheer materiality seriously.”

The Circle collection is inspired by the sun and its geometrical shape, but has very different looks, designs and functions that complement each other. The material  - brass with the shiny surface, refers to the sun and its warm silhouette.

Pernille Snedker

Artist Pernille Snedker has created the decorative Box Collection as a tribute to wood.

Inspired by natural phenomenons and traditional craft techniques, artist Pernille Snedker transforms interiors into immersive artworks.

The Box Collection is made for applicata as a product box for all our new designs. You can use the box for storage and home decoration afterwards.

Pernille Snedker has received the prestigious Wallpaper Design Award for her work.

Studio FEM

Sarah Cramer and Anders Engholm from Studio FEM has created the mush Collection

With references to classic oil lamps, mush candleholders add a warm touch and fill the room with cosiness. A modern piece in exclusive materials and beautiful, delicate colors.

“The philosophy of Studio FEM is based on interactions between the designers, their diversity and mixed competences and the thought of design being seen as well as felt. Therefore, the balancing act between functionality and aesthetics is the main focus when we design.”

Anne Boysen 

Anne Boysen has been trained in art, architecture and design, most recently as an architect at the Aarhus School of Architecture. The combination of art and design is the driving force in her work, which includes furniture and interior design, painting and sculpture. 

She takes a practical approach to her profession as she plays with the combination of form and material and the search for new thinking. She is fascinated by details and good craftsmanship, and she loves to challenge new techniques.

Anne has just won the title; creator of Denmark's next classic 2020, in the Danish television program "Danmarks næste klassiker".

Anne is the designer behind the popular wallclock Watch:Out

watchout wall clocks

Anders Nørgaard

For Danish designer Anders Nørgaard inspiration can be sparked off by a new material or developing something that doesn't simply fall into place at once. It is also quite clear from the multitude of different products he has designed, from kitchens and beds to office furniture and lamps, or cinema seats to wood-burning stoves. 

Anders Nørgaard has designed many of applicata’s bestsellers like the Blossom candleholdersDi Volo Stools and the Luna series.


A design collaboration with meaning

The FLOW collection is created alongside designers Martha von Guenther and Solveig Søndergaard , who run the socio-economic design studio: Sheworks Atelier.

“The collection is an honest attempt to create a zero-waste design that takes into account the environment, aesthetics and function. FLOW demonstrates how simple and beautiful something can be when we rethink waste materials and transform them into a new creation. We believe this series is a fusion of aesthetics, touch and sustainability all in one”.

The collaboration with the designers from Sheworks Atelier supports our desire to contribute to a sustainable flow in our own design process, as we create circular works together by upcycling textiles. 

ProduktSalon Susanne Uerlings

Qualified designer Susanne Uerlings is the creative brain behind ProduktSalon. Since 2011 she has been making different design products such as furniture, lighting, home and kitchen accessories for her own firm in Aachen, Germany.

She's the designer behind our RoundNRound candleholder. 


Christine Ringsmose

Christine Ringsmose is educated from Aarhus School of Architecture. She works primarily in wood and metal but love to challenge new materials and techniques. At the same time, she is focused on the detail and the good classic craftsmanship. Her approach to design is to create innovative, functional and aesthetic solutions to everyday needs.

Christine has designed Hang hooks for applicata. 

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